We Think Long Term

Some people think Eli Global looks like a private equity company. While it’s true that we invest in companies with potential and turn them around, there is one big difference.

We don’t sell.

We’ve never sold a company, and we don’t plan to do so in the future. Eli Global leaders have a 20-year plan for every company we buy.

Because we have no outside investors, we can focus on creating long-term value. The founder and the employees own 100 percent of the company. We will never go public.

We are building a diversified group of businesses worldwide. We have strong cash reserves, strong cash flow, and we invest for the future. We will invest in insurance assets.

We will also invest in great people. We invest in A-players who are coachable, can grow beyond their comfort zone, and don’t rest on past accomplishments. C-players are off the bus. Of the 20 employees who were with the company 18 years ago, five are still with us today. For those who are willing to grow and learn, the company offers infinite possibilities.

For all media inquiries about Greg E. Lindberg, please contact Chuck Norman, APR, at cnorman@sacommunications.com or 919-377-9555 (direct) / 919-625-9873 (cell).

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