Greg E. Lindberg


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Secret Video Shows Mike Causey Demanded a Secret Meeting with Greg Lindberg.

NC Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey Demands A Secret Meeting and explicitly states he wants to meet “Someplace where we are going to have privacy and nobody is going to see us.” We later learn in Lindberg’s lawsuit that Causey sought this secret meeting so he could force entrapment upon Lindberg to report him to the […]

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Memorandum in Support of Defendant Greg Lindberg’s Motion for Judgement of Acquittal Under Rule 29(c) Or, Alternatively, For a New Trial Under Rule 33.

In early April 2020, Mr. Lindberg’s Legal team filed a motion for a judgement of acquittal or a new trial based on insufficient evidence and a failure to identify an “official act” in his previous trial. The government’s theory on what constituted an official act was pressed upon the jury; the jury was not given […]

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