Five Arguments in Defense of Greg Lindberg: The Full Story of Greg Lindberg’s Wrongful Conviction

The news and media continue to be explicitly one-sided in their bias and lack of transparent coverage of Greg E. Lindberg. Finally, there’s a video, seen below, detailing the closing arguments of a trial that defines government overreach. Mike Causey repeatedly asked to be bribed and Greg met him each time with a desire to follow the law. Mike Causey carried out a heinous act of personal vendetta and made a mockery of the court systems. Furthermore, the courts have taken the same stance; both have completely overlooked NCDOI Commissioner Mike Causey’s blatant corruption and personal targeting of Greg Lindberg for supporting Causey’s rival, Wayne Goodwin, in previous years. See Causey’s corruption laid out below.

See the Full Mike Causey/Greg Lindberg Story Here!
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