“Not Until I Have the Money in The Bank” Said Causey as He Demanded Illegal Bribes from Greg Lindberg

The media has been extremely one-sided in their treatment of the secret FBI recording of a meeting between Mike Causey and Greg Lindberg which we are sharing with you the reader below. What the media has thus far chosen to overlook is the fact that the NCDOI Commissioner asked for a bribe in return for fair treatment of Greg Lindberg and his companies. The video below is one of many examples of Mike Causey’s efforts to force Greg Lindberg to pay for fair and balanced regulation of his businesses.

No person or entity should ever have to pay in exchange for a fair and predicable regulatory environment. Causey’s numerous misrepresentations and his introduction of unpredictability through sudden policy changes and reversals on at least one signed agreement created an incredibly hostile and untenable operational environment for Lindberg’s businesses. Lindberg and his businesses are paying a heavy price for refusing to play along with Causey.

Another key failure on the part of the media is in their characterization of Mike Causey as a champion who agreed to cooperate with an FBI investigation when in truth Mike Causey reached out to and convinced the FBI to initiate an investigation under a false pretense. The media has not touched on the established fact which Causey admitted under oath that the large donation which he claimed to have received from Lindberg and returned and which was the basis for the FBI Investigation was in fact never given to Causey in the first place. This one fact should change entirely the media’s characterization of Causey as the champion which he clearly is not and of Lindberg as the villain which he most definitely is not.

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