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  • Memorandum in Support of Defendant Greg Lindberg’s Motion for Judgement of Acquittal Under Rule 29(c) Or, Alternatively, For a New Trial Under Rule 33.
    In early April 2020, Mr. Lindberg’s Legal team filed a motion for a judgement of acquittal or a new trial based on insufficient evidence and a failure to identify an “official act” in his previous trial. The government’s theory on what constituted an official act was pressed upon the jury; the jury was not given […]
  • How We Maintain World Class Compliance And Risk Management Without Hierarchy
    It’s human nature that the more liberty you have, the more responsibility you have. In countries with less liberty, citizens have less responsibility for their self-governance. In the most free countries, people take their rights and responsibilities as citizens most seriously.  Our goal has always been to maximize the independence, autonomy, and liberty of our operating units, […]
  • Update on Recent Acquisitions & Organic Growth
    Eli Global’s portfolio companies have closed a record annual number of acquisitions this year, with 24 acquisitions in 2018 to date. Companies acquired are in the health care, financial services, IT, aerospace, software, and cybersecurity sectors, and they’re located in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. This year’s acquisitions build upon Eli Global’s continuing […]
  • Growth That Creates Good
    In our earliest years of working to build the company that later became Eli Global, we noticed that health care providers needed our help navigating complex reimbursement and regulatory systems so that they could devote more of their time and energy caring for patients. We launched newsletters and other reference tools designed to make it […]
  • Eli Global Founder, Greg E. Lindberg, Featured in Triangle Business Journal
    Greg Lindberg was featured as the executive voice in a Q&A interview in the June 15, 2018 edition of Triangle Business Journal in the article “A Global Search for Talent and Great Ideas.” The journal provides a local source of business news, research, and events happening in the Triangle area. Lindberg, an investor in over […]


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