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Greg Lindberg Sues Mike Causey For Fraud and Abuse of Power. Lawsuit Demands Recovery of 500 Million In Damages From Causey For His Lies About Lindberg

United States of America V. Greg E. Lindberg, John D. Gray, and John V. Palermo Jr. Closing Demonstratives Presentation

Defendant Greg E. Lindberg’s Supplement to His Oral Motion For Judgement of Acquittal in Accordance with Rule 29 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

Mike Causey Lied to the FBI and Demanded Illegal Donations from Greg Lindberg, Company Chairman Says

Greg Lindberg sets the Record Straight on Numerous False Allegations by North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey

Greg Lindberg says Commissioner Causey’s Lawsuit Harms the Very Policyholders Causey was Elected to Protect

Special Olympics North Carolina announces partnership with Global Growth founder Greg Lindberg

Memorandum in Support of Motion of John D. Gray to Dismiss the Indictment for Failure to State an Offense

Memorandum in Support of Motion of Greg E. Lindberg For Issuance of Rule 17(c) Subpoenas

Greg Lindberg Retains Former FBI Director Louis Freeh to Examine Business Entities

Agera Bankruptcy Not a Sign of Financial Stress at Greg Lindberg’s Companies

Security Firm Calls Latest Wall Street Journal Greg Lindberg Story “Unfair and Inaccurate”

Reply in support of Greg E. Lindberg’s motion to dismiss the indictment for failure to state an offense: Facing a motion to dismiss that reveals the indictment’s defective allegations of an “official act”—a required element of the charged offenses—the government has changed its theory mid-case

Apex International Sues Jeffrey Serber, primary source for Mark Maremont, for breach of contract, theft, misappropriation, fraud and for making representations that falsified his military record.

Memorandum in support of motion of Greg E. Lindberg to dismiss the indictment for failure to state an offense: The government’s entire case against Greg E. Lindberg turns on a legally flawed understanding of what constitutes an “official act.”

George Vandeman Elected Chairman of Global Growth, LLC, Parent of All Entities Owned by Greg E. Lindberg

Facts Omitted From The Wall Street Journal Story About Greg Lindberg And His Companies

Counsel For Greg Lindberg Sets The Record Straight On Numerous Errors & Inaccuracies In Recent Wall Street Journal Article

Political donor Lindberg ponies up $1 million for HBCU scholarships

Eli Global Announces the Sale of Pavonia Life Insurance Company of Michigan and Its U.S. Insurance Operations

A newcomer to NC politics quickly becomes a campaign mega donor

Eli Global Founder, Greg E. Lindberg, Featured in Triangle Business Journal