How We Prove the Doubters Wrong

“You must do the things you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

All progress belongs to the unreasonable person. Nothing gets an Elian motivated like “You can’t do that.”

We can’t tell you how many times over the past 22 years we’ve heard “you can’t” and proven the doubters wrong:

  • You can’t launch a newsletter company from your dorm room.
  • You can’t start a company without outside investment.
  • You’ll never be able to buy that company, because the big players want it.
  • You can’t do that kind of work offshore.
  • You can’t just go buy an insurance company.

Here are some “ands” that we embrace:

  • Profitability and growth: Most managers say they can turn a profit or invest in growth. We ask all of our leaders to do both.
  • Customer-focused and employee-centered: The customer should be the focus of every business decision. Where does that leave the employees? It leaves them working as part of a customer-focused, thriving organization that offers them almost unlimited opportunities for growth.
  • Fearlessness and compliance: We are aggressive. We are also compliant. We push boundaries but understand that we must do so within the limits of compliance.
  • Strategic thinking and execution: We always plan for the future while insisting on operational excellence. We break molds and try the impossible, but we are still workmanlike in our pursuit.
  • Organic growth and acquisitions: Acquisitions are exciting, but they can’t take a leader’s eye off of the mandate for strategic growth of existing companies.

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