Growth That Creates Good

In our earliest years of working to build the company that later became Eli Global, we noticed that health care providers needed our help navigating complex reimbursement and regulatory systems so that they could devote more of their time and energy caring for patients. We launched newsletters and other reference tools designed to make it easier for health care providers to run their businesses. It was our own small way of helping to fix a health care system we knew was broken in many ways and in many places. The how-to resources we created helped not only health care administrators, but also the clinicians and patients they served. Our earliest content products were our small way of creating good in the world.

Eli Global has grown far beyond our beginnings in health care media. We’ve invested in other health care-related businesses and entered other markets. Yet even as we grow, we still seek out investments in companies that add value globally and create good in the world.

Today, Eli Global’s growing portfolios include companies that:

· Treat blindness and improve eyesight;
· Provide healthcare;
· Conduct research to increase healthy lifespan;
· Ensure freedom of the press;
· Make personal information secure;
· Protect financial security;
· Make healthcare more efficient;
· Improve the quality of health care;
· Advance people’s careers through training and certification;
· Encourage investment in the environment; and
· Share technological advancements.

We’ll never invest in a company that doesn’t show strong signs that it will grow its profits in the future. Even so, we’ll never invest in a company that doesn’t create good. Our priority is to support our companies in creating good so that everyone benefits. And we’re focused on giving back and making our communities better places to live and work.

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