Eliminate Titles and Bureaucracy, and Focus on Results

What do we focus on? Results.

In a results-driven company, people don’t have time to worry about status and titles because they’re too busy driving toward their goals. In many organizations, titles are on every door: Titles are what everyone knows.

In a results-driven organization, titles are obscure. Every leader in your organization should know your annual goals, how close you are to reaching them, and your company’s goals for the next five years. And they should know how their successes and failures affect the company’s bottom line.

The results-driven organization goes beyond the top level of leadership. If your focus is on results, it should be off of everything else.

The self-justifying bureaucracy that most companies suffer from should disappear. Anything that doesn’t benefit the employees or the customer is extraneous. Look at your policies and procedures. Do you need all of them? Do some of them apply only to certain job titles? If so, give them only to the people who need them.

There should be no politics and no social climbing in our portfolio companies. You don’t need to keep up appearances or curry favor. Hard work is the only thing that will get you ahead. Invest in dedication, and the company will invest in you.

Our best leaders put customers and employees first, which inspires loyalty. That customer and employee loyalty translates into business results.

In a hierarchical company, everyone must move forward at the pace of the slowest person in front of them. Employees become frustrated and the company suffers. Our employees move forward as far and as fast as their talents will take them. Employees thrive and the company grows.

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