Growing up in a lower-middle class family, Greg Lindberg attended Yale University as a first-generation student. As 21-year-old, Greg read a medical newsletter and thought “I can do better.” He soon published Eli’s Home Care Week, which over time became a significant competitor in the medical media industry. This grew into Eli Research, Global Growth’s predecessor, which began in 1991 with a folding table and a $5,000 investment from Greg’s parents.

By 2020, the company had renamed itself Global Growth and built a portfolio of investments that included more than 120 companies and 7,500 employees. Today, Global Growth’s team of world-class investment professionals steward a portfolio of assets valued at more than $5 billion. They pursue a buy-and-hold strategy of investment that prioritizes long-term value creation, conservative cash management, and constant innovation. Global Growth’s group of world-class and independent CEOs are a testament to these investment ideals.

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