Greg E. Lindberg


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Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma Receives $50,000 Grant from Eli Global Founder Greg Lindberg

The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma announced today a $50,000 donation from Greg Lindberg, founder and CEO of Eli Global, a privately-owned federation of independent companies operating in 15 different sectors worldwide. The donation will enable the Food Bank to purchase an additional 250,000 pounds of fresh produce. Fresh food is necessary to maintain […]

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Eliminate Titles and Bureaucracy, and Focus on Results

What do we focus on? Results. In a results-driven company, people don’t have time to worry about status and titles because they’re too busy driving toward their goals. In many organizations, titles are on every door: Titles are what everyone knows. In a results-driven organization, titles are obscure. Every leader in your organization should know […]

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The Folding Table Culture

In the early days of our company, we bought folding tables and chairs for everyone. When it became clear that the uncomfortable folding chairs were affecting company morale, we bought a truckful of comfortable chairs that had been discarded by a big IT company because they were hideous. Everyone was happy. Eventually, we decided to […]

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Failure is Your Friend

All great leaders have failed … more than once. Winston Churchill, General George Patton, Helen Keller, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandi, Warren Buffet. They all wrote about their failures as being critical to their successes. “Failures become victories if they make us wise hearted,” said Helen Keller. At Eli Global, we’ve failed a lot. […]

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